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The Lighthouse

If you're looking for professional learning that will excite, inspire, and encourage you, than look no further than the Lighthouse. We've designed this experience to help you learn and strategies around monthly topics as well as meet other educators who are as passionate as you are. For a sneak preview of what the activities will look like, we invite you to preview them during our Launch Party this October.
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Lighthouse Annual

Annual subscription to the Lighthouse gets you access to each months resources as well as the live skill sessions. For the one time fee of $200.00
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Lighthouse Annual (Installments)

Want the annual subscription, but divided over 8 payments? No problem. You'll still get access to the monthly resources and the live skill sessions. $25.00 per month for 8 months.
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Lighthouse Monthly

Interested in paying by month? You will be given access to a specific months resources and live skill sessions for $50.